High Performance and Compact TOF-MS
by using the Multi- turn Technology


Portable size Time of Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometer,
Realized by the innovative multi-turn technology.
The portable TOF-MS performs High Precision,
High Resolution and Real-Time Analysis.

The infiTOF is a high performance, small footprint time of flight mass spectrometer with high mass-resolution.
By using multi-turn technology it is possible to make the unit much smaller than traditional mass spectrometers without
sacrificing the resolution. The infiTOF is well suited for gas analysis of real time monitoring through accurate mass measurement.



Measurement Specifications
Resolution >30,000 (FWHM)
Mass Range m/z 1~ 1000
Mass Accuracy <3ppm (Internal reference method), <5ppm(External reference method)
Sensitivity S/N>100 (1pg OFN)
Dynamic range 10bit
Sampling rate 2GS/s
Ion source EI(Pos)
Dimensions (mm) W234 x H456 x D640
Weight 42kg